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Beijing Eijerkamp Cuiwei One Loft Race in 2008


OrganizerBeijing Eijerkamp Cuiwei Pigeon Co, .Ltd.

SupervisorBeijing Pigeon Union


Racing items, schedule and distance

A.  The race of this year is classified to First round race, Final race, Team competition and Ace pigeon championship

B .  First round race    300km,  the liberation site is in Hebei Province , on November 4th ,2008.

C.   Final race        500km, the liberation site is He Bi in Henan Province, on November 15th, 2008

D   Team competition  Every 8 pigeons is considered as a team. So the fanciers can compete in the Team competition with entering at least 8 pigeons, and further 8 pigeons will form another team, and the different teams of the same owner will be named as Team A, Team B, Team C, and so it goes on. The competing way is to count how many pigeons in a team get prize in the first 400 winner pigeons in the final race. If different fanciers have same quantity of prize winners in the final race, they will compete with each other with the place of their first winners. When entering the pigeons, the fanciers need to fix the pigeon ringnumbers for the team and the ringnumbers can not be changed any more after that. We will announce all the pigeons ringnumbers for Team competition on our Website.

E.  Ace pigeon competition   The competing way is to add together the speed figures in the first round and the final race of each entered pigeons. The pigeon with higher speed will win

Note: Once the weather condition is not suitable to liberate the pigeons, the race will be postponed in a row. Please surf to our Website or make the calling for detail information at that time.

Way of entering pigeons (collecting time and entry fee)

A.     Entry fee   The entry fee for each entered pigeon is RMB6000. When entering the pigeons, for each pigeon the fanciers need pay extra RMB500 for raising cost. 7 days after 200km training the pigeon owner need to pay the entry fee for all his left pigeons to get the chance to take part in the further races. 

B.     Collecting time: from March 20th,2008 to June 30th , 2008

C.     The entry fee for the foreign pigeons can be paid in the foreign currency with equal value. The foreigner fanciers will pay the fees for customs, quarantine and transportation.

Way of prize money allocation
 For the first round race, the first 100 winners can get the prizemoney, and the first 10 each will get a cup :

1st RMB300,000   2nd RMB200,000   3rd RMB 100,000

4th to 10th RMB 50,000 for each  11th to 100th RMB 10,000 for each

For the final race, the first 400 winners can get the prizemoney, and the first 10 each will get a cup:

1st RMB 1,080,000  2nd RMB 680,000   3rd RMB 480,000

4th to 10th RMB 200,000 for each 11th to 50th RMB 100,000 for each

51st to 100th RMB 50,000 for each 101st to 200th RMB 30,000 for each

201st to 300th   RMB 20,000 for each301st to 400th   RMB 10,000 for each

For Team competition, the first 10 winners which result from the first 400 winners in the final race will get the prizemoney and a cup for each.:

1st RMB1,000,000   2nd RMB500,000

3rd RMB 300,000   4th to 10th RMB 100,000 for each

For Ace pigeon competition, the first 5 winners will each get a cup made out of 24K pure gold.

How to deal with the pigeons after race

The awarding event and auction will be held on the first Saturday after the final race. The first 400 winners in the final race will be auctioned. 60% of the auction revenue goes to the owner and the left 40% to the organizer. The owners of the auctioned pigeons are responsible to prepare the pedigrees ahead.

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