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Introduction from the Company Beijing Eijerkamp Cuiwei Pigeon
In 1994, Mr. Evert-Jan Eijerkamp from Holland came to Beijing (China), to find a reliable partner to cooperate. He found Mr. Wang Zhijun in the west mountain of Beijing, surrounded by red leaves. After some discussions, they finally decided to work together.
On 10th Januari 1995, the company Beijing Eijerkamp Cuiwei Pigeon Company was founded. It became the first joint-venture pigeon company in China.
From this moment on, the Ponderosa and Beijing West Mountains were very close with each other.
The Beijing Eijerkamp Company was situated in the Scenic Spot of West Mountainous area of Beijing (China), surrounded by green grass, flowers, pure water and fresh air… The area was the loft are built, was always been a royal garden, a place for pleasure and healthy. It is a nature place. And now this place is served for the breeding pigeons from Mr. Wang Zhijun. The loft from Mr. Wang Zhijun is covering more than 200 square meters, including the modernized young pigeon breeding loft and one-loft-racing ground, which is very large. This building had an advanced facility and represented the regular management. This one-loft-race ground became the standard in Mainland of China. 
 During the 15 years, in common effort of joint venture,Eijerkamp made the remarkable contribution for world pigeon enterprise's development. Eijerkamp inherited pigeon's culture and strengthened the exchange of world pigeon amateurs, improved Chinese pigeon on technical and tactic level and achieved breakthrough in many areas, Finally, Eijerkamp won many first prizes in the world.
It was the first time to integrate the young pigeon’s breeding into the commercialized operation model. According to the competition environment and system of Chinese mainland, selecting the top prize pigeons of European racers and the club match for breeders. For the purpose ofestablishing the scientific breeding and selecting the system to ensure the young pigeon quality. Since many years, the pigeon people and the pigeon lofts won a lot of prizes.
      Eijerkamp was the first company set the one-loft race, it has already held 13 competitions since from 1995. it became the best one-loft in competition and operation in whole China, insisted on the principle of justice, fair and transparency and the regular management system. On the basic of improving facility and upgrading the management, the company promoted the prize money of 2.06 million (RMB) in 2008, the pigeon people paid the money after the 300km race.
      More and more one loft race start a new lift in China, but the Beijing Eijerkamp Race was the leading company, because people have trust in the good management, the good quality. Finally they get the best results on this loft. This is the only reason why people want to join our One Loft Race. Maybe we can compare our race with the Olympic Games in Beijing this year (2008).
 Also the Beijing Eijerkamp Company was the first company which held pigeon auctions. On this moment the company had already 28 public auctions and promoted about 3.000 pigeons which won top prizes in Europe and become very famous in China. Maybe you cannot believe this, but the highest prize on the public auction was 1.2 million RMB (about 120.000 EUR). Many big and famous breeders joined our auctions, like Houben Family, Carboni, Engels brothers and Gerard Koopman. On this way, pigeon auctions become the bridge between European pigeon breeders and China.
In April 2007, we started also the auction online. In this matter, the Eijerkamp Beijing Company was the first who is running the online auctions. On this moment, more than 5.000 pigeon racers are registered at our website and more than 1.300 pigeons have been auctioned by the end of March, 2008. All those people came from several provinces in China. Also the online auctions get the faith from the Chinese pigeon racers. For that we were exchanging ideas with famous European people and pigeons fanciers. We can not deny that the internet brought an extremely big influence for the world, and this also in pigeon sports. People are deeply impressed by the auction online from Eijerkamp Beijing.
     As Chinese saying goes: “With integrity, you can go anywhere.” Also, westerner says: “God helps those who help themselves”. Over the past 15 years, Eijerkamp and general manager Wang Zhijun relied on themselves’ honest and made great effort winning many friends all over the world. Beijing Eijerkamp gained great effect and good reputation at home and abroad. Especially in Europe. In the meantime, this enterprise got the long-term development in the world.
     The management principles of Beijing Eijerkamp and Mr Wang were the best introduction, excellent breeding,strengthening cooperation and serving the pigeon racers. We were willing to introduce more foreign pigeon lofts and pigeon people to China, promoting pigeons’ development between China and other foreign countries.
    Beijing Eijerkamp and general manager Wang looking forward to working with pigeon fanciers from all over the world!
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